Donald Trump: Why is Trump threatening to go to court for the presidential election, what will be the effect? – why Donald Trump is threatening to appear before the Supreme Court on the issue of postal ballet after the 2020 United States primary elections

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Trump is angry with court ruling on Ballet Donald Trumppostal to run for court shortly after US presidential election
Donald Trump plans to appeal to court on Tuesday as soon as the presidential election in America ends. It is believed that if the court delivers a verdict on their appeal, it could suffer delays in the results of the US presidential election. Trump told Charlotte Airport in North Carolina that his team was preparing for a legal battle in connection with a Supreme Court ruling. According to U.S. Tuesday time, voting will begin for the presidential election from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Trump is upset by Supreme Court ruling on mail-in ballot
“I think it’s dangerous that ballots (mail ballots) can be collected after an election,” Trump said. I think it is dangerous to allow people or states to submit ballots long after the election is over. He criticized the Supreme Court’s decision to allow ballots to be obtained after elections in many polling areas, saying we will be ready with our lawyers the same evening as soon as the elections take place.

He is already suspected of fraud
Donald Trump suspected of postal ballot fraud. He said I think it poses a great danger. This can lead to large scale fraud and misuse of it. It is a dangerous thing that even in the modern age of computers, we cannot know the result on election night. Trump has repeatedly claimed widespread fraud in postal voting.

Trump is confident of victory
The president said he did better in the elections and that there were huge crowds in his rallies. We are doing very good. There is a very good performance in Florida. Ohio, as you may have heard, we’re doing very well. I believe in Ohio we’re way ahead of where we were four years ago when we got eight percent more votes. If you look at North Carolina, we’re doing very well.

Bump in Trump-Biden
Election polls indicate Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden leads in important states where voters have already voted, while Trump will gain a significant advantage where the poll has yet to take place. Today, Tuesday evening, we will know who will win the American elections.

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