Donald Trump: why Trump sacked US Defense Minister when only 72 days left – why Donald Trump fired US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper when only 72 days remained in office

Trump has removed US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper from his post after losing the presidential election in the United States. Christopher Miller, director of the National Anti-Terrorism Center, has been appointed the new United States Minister of Defense. Christopher Miller is said to be very close to President Trump. However, just making such an important decision by Trump raises a lot of questions, even with only 72 days left.

We talked about withdrawing Asper for a long time
There was a long-standing discussion in the US media about Mark Asper’s removal from the post of defense minister. However, no one thought Trump could make such an important decision soon after losing the US presidential election. There are also reports that Trump and Esper differed on several issues.

Why did Trump remove Mark Asper
After the death of George Floyd in May, riots broke out in apartheid in many American cities. Protesters carrying black Lives Matter signs were harming malls and government offices. Meanwhile, when President Donald Trump asked Defense Minister Mike Esper to deploy the military to cities, he directly denied it. After that, Trump had to deploy paramilitary forces.

Asper was also to be removed from the post
Mark Asper also knew Donald Trump would dismiss him sooner. So he wrote his letter of resignation in Arizona several weeks before the election. This is the fourth time in Trump’s last two-year term that an acting defense minister has been given responsibility for the US Department of Defense.

If Trump did not accept defeat, what are the options? Will the White House quietly evacuate

Almost Trump said – he will not accept defeat
Those close to Trump say Trump should not formally accept defeat, but will leave the White House unaccompanied at the end of his term. Trump’s efforts to label the election unfair are seen as an attempt to appease his constituents and show his supporters that he is still fighting. When Trump’s friend and advisor Roger Stone was asked if the outgoing president would accept defeat, he said, “I’m skeptical about this.”

This is why Trump avoids giving up
As a result, Stone said that as president Biden would always be clouded with suspicion and half the nation would believe he was elected illegally. Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric also called on their father to keep fighting and called on Republican leaders to support him. Republican Leader Andy Biggs also advised Trump not to give up.

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