Donald Trump Wuhan Lab coronavirus: Corona virus was born from the Wuhan laboratory of China, now I firmly trust: Donald Trump – Donald Trump says he is now certain that Covid 19 came from the Wuhan laboratory of China

Former US President Donald Trump once again strongly attacked China over the genesis of the corona virus. Trump said the U.S. intelligence report also did not rule out this possibility. The report says that in November 2019, three researchers from the Wuhan Biology Laboratory were asked to be hospitalized for treatment in the weeks before China’s disclosure of the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Trump told Anchor at the Fox Nation event that you can now name the theory of the corona virus coming out of the lab as a “ possibility. ” He said that now there was very little doubt about it. Previously, Trump had pointed out the possibility that humans are causing the corona virus. Trump had named the Corona virus several times during his presidency as the Chinese virus.

“ Three Wuhan researchers asked for treatment ”
Donald Trump has not provided any new or specific evidence to support his claim. In November 2019, three researchers from the Wuhan Biology Laboratory were invited to be hospitalized for treatment, a few weeks before China’s disclosure of the Kovid-19 pandemic. This was claimed in a report citing an old US intelligence document.

Once this information comes to light, the pressure could again increase for a full investigation, in which there were concerns that the corona virus had spread from China’s main laboratory. According to the Wall Street Journal report, the details revealed in that report are more detailed than the government fact sheet released in the final days of the Trump administration.

Symptoms like Kovid-19 disease and a common seasonal illness
This fact sheet stated that many researchers at the Wuhan laboratory, who were researching the corona virus and other pathogens, fell ill in the last months of 2019 and had symptoms such as Kovid-disease. 19 and a common seasonal illness. However, China rejected the newspaper’s report. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zhao Lijian said Wuhan Biology Lab released a statement on March 23, clarifying that there was not a single case of Kovid-19 infection. at the Institute.

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