donald trump youtube channel: after twitter, facebook, now youtube shocked donald trump, deleted new videos, warned – youtube remove new content uploaded to donald trump channel after inciting violence on capitol hill

The video-sharing website YouTube also shocked President Donald Trump, accused of inciting his supporters to violence in the US Parliament on Capitol Hill. YouTube not only removed the videos from Donald Trump’s official channel, but also issued a warning to them for violating company policies by inciting violence.

Previously, Twitter had permanently closed the personal account of US President Donald Trump after the violence on Capitol Hill. After that, Trump tweeted from the US president’s official Twitter handle and attacked the microblogging site. He accused the company of trying to abolish free speech in association with Democrats and the left camp. Trump also said he plans to prepare his new platform soon.

‘Twitter bans freedom of speech’
However, all of these tweets were deleted within minutes. Twitter had permanently shut down Trump’s account following violence outside the country’s parliament last Wednesday. The company had made it clear that Trump’s account had been closed due to the possibility of further violence. Trump then tweeted on the country’s official Twitter handle and attacked Twitter.

He wrote: ‘I’ve been saying for a long time that Twitter bans free speech and today, along with Democrats and the hardcore left, they shut down my account to silence me. Their Facebook and Instagram accounts have already been banned for two weeks or indefinitely. Even his @TeamTrump campaign account has been closed.

‘Thoughts on creating your platform’
Trump further wrote that Twitter will be a private enterprise, but without the government’s Section 230 donation, it won’t last long. Trump says he already knew this would happen and was already speaking to other sites and that a big announcement would be made soon. The possibilities of building their own platform are being considered in the near future.

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