Donald Trump’s biden tumble reaction: the media ‘hid’ the fall of US President Joe Biden from the stairs, raging Donald Trump – Donald Trump criticizes the media for ignoring Biden’s terrible fall down an army staircase air

Former President Donald Trump erupted after US President Joe Biden’s flight of stairs fell three times for not being shown in the media. Trump said U.S. media ignored the incident of Biden’s repeated fall from Air Force One stairs. It also did not show that Vice President Kamala Harris could take over the presidency anytime soon.

In an interview with Newsmax, Donald Trump said: “Biden’s sudden downfall was terrible. It did not happen once but three times and was not shown in most of the live media. He said, “It was terrible and the whole thing was incredible. Freedom of the press does not remain. As of Friday afternoon, most of the US media did not have this news on their website.

Vice President Kamala Haris is referred to as ‘President’
After this incident, the American president, who had once asked questions about the health of his predecessor President Trump, has now come under attack himself. Biden, 78, fell three times on the steps of his official plane, Air Force One, on Friday. Biden fell down the stairs at a time when he had called Vice President Kamala Haris “ president ” a day earlier.

Meanwhile, the president’s office, the White House, clarified the matter and alleged that Biden fell down the stairs because of the wind. He said the president was “100% right”. Biden was aboard Air Force One at Giant Base Andrews. During this time, he fell 3 times on the stairs. On this astonishing incident, the deputy press secretary of the White House, Carine Jean, explained that the strong wind was the reason for the accident. Carin said there was a very strong wind outside, probably because of this the leg would slip. Biden is 100% good.

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