Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection: Donald Trump now claims he was cured in just 15 minutes of his son’s coronavirus infection – Donald Trump claims his son was coronavirus free after 15 minutes

Donald Trump said his son Barron Trump had the corona virus for only 15 minutes and then ended. President Trump said so at a rally in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania. Trump was trying to justify opening schools in the country by giving an example of his son. Teachers’ unions have opposed the paisley and fear it will spread the virus.

“Gone in 15 minutes”
Trump said at the rally that the baron was sure of the crown. Baron is their 14 year old son. Besides Trump, First Lady Melania and Baron tested positive for Corona earlier this month. Trump said he asked the doctor what the baron was doing. The doctor said he had tested positive and 15 minutes later the doctor said the infection was gone.

Trump returned from the hospital
Significantly, Trump tested positive for the Corona virus, after which he was admitted to Walter Reed Hospital. Three days later, he left the hospital. He even described the drugs used in his treatment as a miracle from God. He had said people didn’t have to fear Corona.

Trump criticism
Trump has been criticized for not taking the Corona virus seriously, but after his arrival it was understood his outlook would change. Especially with the mask, he will be more careful than before. However, that did not happen and Trump threw it and threw it in the mask rally.

First family infection

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