Donald Trump’s Facebook-Instagram account banned indefinitely, Mark Zuckerberg announced – Donald Trump Facebook Instagram account suspended for at least two weeks and possibly indefinitely, says Mark Zuckerberg

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Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram account was banned indefinitely after Trump attacked American Capitol Hills, telling Trump his fiercest supporters I Love Yumark Zuckerberg announced the ban, claiming to allow Trump to display a dangerous Washington
Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were banned for at least two weeks, if not indefinitely, following the violence in the United States on Thursday. During this time, Trump will not be able to access his account on these two social media platforms. It is believed that Trump will now only be able to post someone in the United States after Joe Biden is sworn in. Facebook imposed a 24-hour ban Thursday morning after Trump’s alleged provocative post for an attack on the US parliament.

Zuckerberg said – allowing Trump to publish is dangerous
Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg wrote that the risk of allowing Trump to post is just too dangerous. Zuckerberg said Facebook deleted President Trump’s post because we decided they could be used to incite more violence.

Trump told rioters ‘I love you’
In a video posted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Donald Trump said, “ I love you ” before calling on the rioters who attacked the U.S. Capitol (Parliament) to return home. Not only that, he also repeated his false allegations of fraud in the US presidential election.

Twitter also blocked Trump’s account
Twitter also suspended three tweets, with Trump’s account suspended for 12 hours. Including a video speaking to supporters on Capitol Hill. Twitter’s Security Department said that given the unprecedented event and state of violence in Washington, we feel the need to delete Donald Trump’s three tweets that were posted today and constitute a flagrant violation of our policy of civil unity.

#MarkZuckerberg trending on Twitter
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is all the rage on social media after taking such a strong step against US President Donald Trump. People tweet with #MarkZuckerberg for tough action against Trump. At the same time, many Trump supporters are also calling for removing Facebook.

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