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Donald Trump’s last speech as President of the United States, Corona reiterated, reiterating Corona “ China Virus ” good luck to the new administration but who did not pronounce Biden’s name, Trump will return in some form or another in Washington.
Donald Trump, who was President of the United States for a few hours, addressed the country for the last time from Joint Base Andrews. While this speech would have been as special as the last one, Trump made it even more interesting. In fact, reports claim that he did not use the speech written by his staff.

It’s special because he also taunted China on the go and praised the new administration without naming newly elected President Joe Biden, which showed his pain. Not only that, he also told his supporters at the end of his speech – “We will come back in one form or another” means we will come back in one form or another.

Donald Trump’s final speech

Corona virus says ‘Chinese virus’
As he left the White House, Trump had said it was an honor for him to become the country’s 45th president and he just wanted to say goodbye. In his last speech after that, Trump said, amid the slogans of ‘We love you’, “These four years have been amazing, we’ve accomplished a lot together. Trump has put other countries behind in the fight against the corona virus outbreak.

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He said: “We suffered from a major epidemic, what we did is called a ‘medical miracle’ – a vaccine was prepared in 9 months, not in 5 to 10 years.” Not only that, Trump, who was aggressive towards China during his tenure, was again targeted and called the Corona virus a “ Chinese virus. ”

Didn’t take Biden’s name
After that, Trump hailed the new administration Joe Biden and said: ‘They have a solid foundation to do something big. However, people were shocked that Trump, who did not give up long after losing the election, did not take the name Joe Biden. Previously, his decision not to attend the swearing-in ceremony had also led people to speculate.

Donald Trump’s farewell to the White House, will he create a new political party or write a book?
What did you write to Biden in the letter?
Perhaps the peculiarity of Trump’s speech is that it used neither the teleprompter nor the written speech. According to the CNN report, Trump received a speech that used softer language and promised a peaceful transfer of power, but Trump decided not to use it. However, sources have claimed that Trump left a note for Biden that no one knows.

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