Donald Trump’s name: Viral video shows Donald Trump’s name on manatee in Florida: Trump wrote on back of aquatic creature in Florida

There have been many such incidents in America in the past that the country would not like to remember at all. Especially after the presidential election, the number of such embarrassing incidents increases. About a week ago, the country’s parliament was attacked by supporters of President Donald Trump and now underwater inhumanity has been exposed. Video of a manati (sea cow, a type of mammal) has surfaced in Florida, with a “TRUMP” written in English on the back. It is not only an act of cruelty to an animal, but due to the fact that the manati is an endangered animal, its severity increases.

Inquiry order
After the video was released, the US Fish and Wildlife Service ordered an investigation. The incident came to light on Monday after local newspaper Citrus County Chronicle shared photos. After that, people are also angry. According to the newspaper, this organism was found in the Homosasa River at this point. The officer investigating the case, Craig Kavana, says it’s shocking. Wildlife conservation is an important value in Citrus County and that is why it is also referred to as Nature Coast.

‘Written with foam’
When a woman saw this creature sitting on the boat, she was surprised. He took pictures of it and made a video of it. Then gave it to the administration. He says he is very sad to see the condition of the creature. However, according to the New York Times, the animal may not have been seriously injured as it appears “trump” was written by many on its back.

Can be jailed for one year
At the same time, the Center for Biological Diversity announced a prize of 5,000 dollars to the person who gave information about the incident. According to CBS Mayami, the endangered species is considered protected under the law and if tortured, it can be punished with a fine of up to $ 50,000 and up to a year in prison. At the same time, while expressing anger over the incident, people condemned dragging innocent animals into politics and demanded strict punishment from the culprits.

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