Donald Trump’s niece: Donald Trump’s niece Mary warns that if Joe Biden wins president America will fall

While Donald Trump is not ready to give up in the US election, his niece has also looked into him. Trump’s niece Mary warns Trump will “ drown America ” for the rest of his life in the White House. Mary said if Biden wins Trump will do anything to wage war on the Americans. He said Trump had no regrets about his tenure.

“ America is ready for any situation ”
Mary says Trump won’t regret it, because in doing so he has to admit he made a mistake. They say Trump will make a court case that will not be resolved and that will increase Trump’s anger. Mary said people would leave her during this time. Mary says Trump is the President of the United States for 76 days and retains authority. Therefore, people must be prepared for any trump action. He said Trump would suffer many losses and hurt others as well.

Trump also said: ‘will not go away quietly’
Significantly, Trump has also indicated that he will not be quietly leaving the Oval Office. He said: ‘Joe Biden cannot unfairly claim the post of president. I can do that too. The legal process has started now. He said he had an advantage in the States on election night that suddenly mysteriously vanished. At the same time, Biden said the American people will decide the election and the government of the country is able to remove intruders from the White House.

Suspense over results now
Let us know that the tally released after four days of the election is not yet complete. In particular, the results of four major states – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona – are examined. In fact, if these four states win the trump, they can remain president. However, if Biden wins Pennsylvania or two states, he can form a Democratic government in the White House.

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