“Don’t call me a traitor anymore”

Publication: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 11:34 PM

Edmundo Bal accused Vox of not having an economic project in his electoral platform, and ended up disagreeing with the candidate of the far-right party after Monastery called him a “traitor” for trying to ” to break “the pact of Government which united PP and Ciudadanos in the Community of Madrid.

Tension that began when Bal assured that Ayuso’s government and citizens agreed to cut taxes. “For that they are making motions of censure so that the left enters the government”, replied in this regard the Monastery, which assured that the orange formation refused to provide aid to the hotel business because of its refusal to reduce political spending on deputies. at the Madrid Assembly.

In this sense, Monastery criticized Bal for having “made an agreement with the left to avoid such expenditure”: “You betrayed your constituents, otherwise we would not be here today”.

An assertion that triggered the candidate of Ciudadanos: “I have been in the service of Spain as Attorney General for 30 years, do not call me a traitor anymore. You have never worked for the public”, insisted Bal .

Economic projects

The socialist candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, assured that he would not increase taxes and proposed various economic measures, such as a regional supplement of 150 euros for families benefiting from the minimum living income, a support law for 243,000 single-parent families, and measures that push to support diversity, feminism and the LGTBI movement, as well as “a new metro line that unites neighborhoods on the outskirts”.

For his part, Pablo Iglesias called for inspiration from the agreement signed in the government to limit rental prices through regulation: “I am convinced that I can convince Mr. Gabilondo to make a law to regulate rental prices. so that young people can become independent. ”Likewise, he called for a reflection:“ Each euro that a citizen saves in his rent is a euro that goes to consumption, in terms of economic efficiency, the regulation of rent benefits the hotel industry, small businesses and the productive fabric “.

Ciudadanos candidate Edmundo Bal reiterated the proposals, he said, that the Governing Council had already had with Ayuso: “1,700 places in early childhood care centers in centers for disabled children, help dependency, recover the housing acquisition deduction which the PP removed, consolidate the employment of interim civil servants … ”.

Mónica García dictated what she called Más Madrid’s “revolutionary recipe” for taxes: “Don’t steal them and don’t waste them”. “Over the past 15 years, according to his advisor, the Community of Madrid has stopped entering 48 billion, we will continue to face the crisis with the straw house instead of the stone house. do not deceive the fact that they are going to collapse. taxes, ”he insisted, addressing candidate Díaz Ayuso.

Rocío Monasterio called for cuts in political spending in the Madrid Assembly: “We don’t need 136 MPs charging 4,500 euros per month to be told to vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ without reading the law. We do not need 13 Councils … with 7 we have left, billing 100,000 euros per year, which many retirees and young people lack for housing ”.

The still president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, assured that she would continue the liberal policy of Madrid because “if the economy of the capital has held up better than in the rest of Spain, it is thanks to this” . In addition, he assured, if it gets to the government, it will reduce personal income tax.

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