Don’t make a nuclear attack ‘Sirfire’ Trump, increased concern in the United States over the nuclear launch code – Nancy Pelosi spoke with the United States general about the instability of President Donald Trump and the nuclear launch code

Strong points:

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Trump the Democratic lawmaker is preparing to introduce a motion of no confidence against Trump, addressing the U.S. Army Chief General on the nuclear launch code of Trump.
The opposition Democratic Party has opened its front against Donald Trump after Wednesday’s attack on the US Parliament. US House Speaker and staunch Trump opposition Nancy Pelosi have expressed concerns about the safety of the nuclear code. In a letter to Democratic lawmakers, Pelosi said he spoke to the head of the US military about President Trump’s nuclear code. Explain that with the help of this code, the US president is ordering a nuclear attack.

Demand to stop Trump’s access to nuclear launch code
Pelosi said this morning I spoke with Mark Miley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States Army. I discussed the precautions to prevent an unstable president from starting military hostilities or accessing the nuclear launch code and ordering a nuclear attack. There can be nothing more dangerous than this unstable president.

Will do anything to save America
He said that we should do whatever we can to protect our country, our people and our democracy from any attack. She also said she hoped to start the process of removing Donald Trump from office as soon as possible.

Why America is afraid of the nuclear launch code
The President of the United States can order a nuclear attack on any country by sea, land or air using the nuclear launch code. Once ordered, the US military cannot refuse even if it wishes. Every time a new president is elected in the United States, he is assigned nuclear launch codes by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Which countries can Trump attack
Democratic lawmakers fear that at the end of his term Donald Trump will do something that will make it difficult for new President Joe Biden. It is believed that Trump could order a nuclear attack on Iran, China or Russia. However, this is unlikely to happen. Yet US lawmakers, while being cautious, do not want to take any risks.

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