Don’t miss the webinar ‘How HR can you help improve the attitude of your employees?’, With Victor Küppers

Don’t miss the webinar ‘How HR can you help improve the attitude of your employees?’, With Victor Küppers

2020 has been a very difficult year in all respects and has undermined the enthusiasm with which we used to approach our daily lives. The pandemic we are experiencing has meant a break in our routines and a moment of reflection. Without a doubt, the difficulties have led to numerous exits of employees in companies, which triggered the turnover. The ERTEs and the fear of EREs have shattered workers’ morale. For this reason, today more than ever, we must encourage our employees to give the best of themselves. In this situation, what can HR departments do?

To answer this question, at a difficult time for HR and with a huge amount of changes and advancements globally, Audalia Nexia and RRHHDigital are hosting the webinar ‘How HR can help you improve the attitude of your people. employees? ‘ in which a series of tips will be provided to bring about a change in our attitude and that of our employees. If we can improve the mood of the organization, we will achieve an increase in our performance and turnover ratios. Although we cannot control what is going on, we can know how to deal with it. Throughout this webinar, the keys to working on your own attitude and that of your teams will be shown, so that you never lose heart, and we will discover the importance of making people communicate. Managers must have the passion to help, and during this digital meeting, the basic principles will be proposed for the communication between the team to be a success.

The positive and collaborative attitude, as well as the level of happiness are closely related to the productivity of the employees as well as to the performance of the company itself, therefore the strategies to achieve the well-being and happiness of the company. team will be a fundamental pillar to be addressed in this digital meeting.

The event will take place next Thursday, February 4 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and will have the participation of leading experts in the field such as Victor Küppers, speaker and trainer at the University of Barcelona and the Autonomous University of Barcelona. and Javier Alió, partner of Audalia HR Lab.

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