“Don’t worry about mothers who don’t have steak”

Posted: Thursday July 15 2021 2:57 PM

Mónica García and Isabel Díaz Ayuso were the protagonists of a clash in the Madrid Assembly with the reform of Telemadrid and the demonstrations in Cuba.

The leader of Más Madrid accused the president of “having attacked” Madrid’s public broadcaster by charging “an executioner who wants to liquidate public television”.

However, the regional president avoided responding to this accusation and highlighted the protests in Cuba, the situation in Venezuela and even the controversy over the meat.

“In Cuba, they continue to crush people in their streets. In Venezuela, the biggest exodus in Latin American history takes place with more than four million people. They don’t worry about mothers doctors who don’t have a steak to put in their mouth, “he said, referring to the campaign promoted by Garzón, despite the fact that it corresponds to the national government, in which More Country is not present.

In addition, he accused the deputies of Más Madrid of being “just as communist, despite the use of scooters”.

All this happened after the opposition leader sent the “popular” leader to make “Rubio booklets to recover in the summer everything he did not do during the course”. To which Díaz Ayuso replied: “For being such a bad student, the exam did not pass me badly at all.”

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