DosFarma and Fundacin ONCE join forces to promote the employment of people with disabilities

DosFarma and Fundacin ONCE join forces to promote the employment of people with disabilities

The CEO of Fundacin ONCE, Jos Luis Martnez Donoso, and the co-founder of DosFarma, Julio Prez de la Fuente, have just signed an Inserta agreement to promote the employment of people with disabilities, which will involve the hiring of 25 people with disabilities. in the next five years by the online pharmacy.

DosFarma will rely on Inserta Empleo, an entity for training and employment of the ONCE Foundation, to handle the selection processes of candidates for jobs that the pharmacy may need, as well as to develop possible training and professional qualification. The agreement also includes the promotion of other actions which indirectly promote the employment of disabled people through collaboration with special employment centers.

On the other hand, DosFarma expressed its commitment to work to improve the accessibility of the pharmacy through digitization. Always hand in hand with Fundacin ONCE in order to create fully inclusive services and improve the quality of life of the elderly, dependent or disabled. Because, as they said: “from DosFarma we understand that the health which unites us is that which is within the reach of all”.

Jos Luis Martnez Donoso assured: “At Fundacin ONCE, we are aware that alone we cannot achieve all our goals. For this, we have two fundamental allies: the European Social Fund and companies like DosFarma which help us to promote the employment of disabled people ”.

Likewise, the CEO of Fundacin ONCE added that “we are in the complexity of this accelerated transformation which has caused the pandemic and in a position to offer more digital training to our candidates to be able to adapt their profiles to the requirements of companies”.

For his part, Julio Prez explained: “At DosFarma we are convinced of the need to create a positive impact, to improve the quality of life of people and to work for a more inclusive, conscious and plural society. disability, in the hope of promoting equal opportunities and diversity ”.

Finally, he added that “as a pharmacy, we have a clear why: people and their quality of life. It means taking responsibility for evolving, for being more inclusive and accessible. Because the health that unites us is what is within the reach of all people “.

The agreement is part of the operational programs Social Inclusion and Social Economy (Poises) and Youth Employment (POEJ), which are developed by the ONCE Foundation through Inserta, with co-financing from the European Social Fund and the Initiative for youth employment. , increase training and employment for people with disabilities.

This agreement involves DosFarma’s membership in the Responsible Inserta Forum, a networking and social innovation platform that allows the sharing of practices, tools and experiences that promote the effective development of professional integration policies for talented people. with disabilities.

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