Double coronavirus mask: Ke Liye Kaun Sa Zaroori hai coronavirus mask: which mask is needed for the corona virus

India is hit by the second wave of the corona virus outbreak and new strains are seen in many other countries. Work is also underway to apply vaccines to defeat Corona around the world and booster shots are also underway against new variants. Amidst all of this, wearing masks remains the most basic weapon of protection. The expert doctor Faheem Younis explains that in which place it is necessary to apply the mask.

According to Dr. Fahim, apply N95 / KN95 or a surgical mask. Until it breaks or the seal is broken. The need for double masks is necessary in high risk places, such as hospitals, public transport, factories, offices. Only one mask can be applied everywhere else. No need to apply masks while walking alone or when driving with family or outdoors.

Call to wear masks at home
In fact, the Indian government has called on people to apply masks in their homes to slow down the Corona’s chain of transmission. A study by the Department of Community Health showed that 56 percent of people infected their families last year.

Union Joint Health Secretary Luv Aggarwal recently said the risk of a corona infection can increase by up to 90% if the person does not apply a mask and follow directions. By applying the mask and following the directions, this risk can be reduced by up to 30 percent. NITI Aayog Health Member Dr VK Paul said that if a person does not follow the rules of social distancing, they can infect 406 people in 30 days.

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