Dozens of people try to cross the border fence between Melilla and Morocco

Publication: Friday, May 21, 2021 8:54 AM

The deployment of the Spanish army Thursday evening on the border between Melilla and Morocco did not serve as a persuasion to dozens of migrants who tried up to three times to cross the barrier.

The attempts took place during the night of Thursday to Friday in various areas of the border, where tanks of the armed forces as well as agents of the national police and the civil guard were seen.

The government has yet to offer official figures on how many and how many have attempted to enter Spanish territory, although in videos released by the Unified Association of Civil Guards and local media , the number of people is counted by tens, even by hundreds.

As laSexta has learned, the main difference between what happened last night and what happened on other occasions is that this time the majority were Moroccans, residents of the region who point out. that before the border was closed they were working in Melilla and going home every day, but with the current situation they have no way to live and need to work.

Featured videos show how large groups of people climb the border fence and even use ladders to cross the border despite the massive deployment of Spanish security forces and bodies.

It is the fourth night since the beginning of the crisis at the borders of Ceuta and Melilla with Morocco, promoted by the government of the neighboring country in response to the medical assistance provided by Spain to the leader of the Polisario Front.

Migratory pressure has so far been concentrated in Ceuta, where in a few days more than 8,000 people have managed to cross, of which 6,000 have already been returned. In addition, more than 700 minors are in shelters and warehouses in this city while waiting for 200 of them to be received by the different autonomous communities.

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