Dr Kamlesh Lulla: Who is Kamlesh Lulla honored by the prestigious American foundation: Dr. Kamlesh Lulla NASA scientist honored by the America Foundation

The prestigious American company Carnegie Corporation honored 34 migrants just days before Independence Day. It also includes Kamlesh Lulla and Geeta Gopinath of Indian descent. These two personalities received this honor for their contribution and their work to enrich and strengthen American society and democracy. Gita Gopinath has been the IMF’s Chief Economist since 2019, while Kamlesh Lulla has been NASA’s Chief Scientist and prominent author for 29 years.

Dr Lulla discovers ‘human brain’ for NASA
Kamlesh Lulla is currently Director of the University Research Collaboration and Partnership Office at NASA Johns Space Science in Houston. Dr. Lulla brings college students from American universities to work at NASA. These students work closely with NASA in the areas of advanced technology development and innovation. He has served as the Chief Earth Observation Scientist for the Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs.

NASA astronauts have been trained
Dr. Lulla has also trained NASA astronauts in the science of Earth observation and physical science payloads. He spent 29 years working at NASA. Dr. Lulla’s scientific research included optical and radar remote sensing and the development of advanced sensors. Additionally, Dr. Lulla has developed digital imaging sensors as payloads for the space shuttle program.

Was the head of two branches of NASA
While working at NASA, Dr. Kamlesh Lulla also served as Chief of the Directorate of Aviation Sciences for five years and of the Directorate of Earth Sciences for five years. Dr Lulla did a doctorate in two subjects each. He did his first doctorate in environmental sciences and his second in geology and remote sensing. He also worked as a professor at a university for twelve years before joining NASA.

Dr Lulla has written over 8 books
Dr Kamlesh Lulla has also done a lot of writing work. He has co-authored or edited eight books and is the author of a large number of research and technical articles in reputable journals. Recently, Dr Lulla co-authored a major book titled “Wings in Orbit: Scientific and Engineering Legacy of the Space Shuttle”. Three other NASA scientists also wrote with him in this book.

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