Dragon Man: Dragon Man Skull Discovery of new human species China’s branch of evolution: Skull of new human species in China

An ancient skull found in China could change the entire history of human evolution. A new chapter can be added to the history of man with the analysis of this fossil. This points to a group that little is known about but that is said to be closer to modern humans than to Neanderthals. Chinese researchers named this particular fossil Homo longia Dragon Man.

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Professor Chris Stringer, research director at the Natural History Museum in London, says it is the biggest find of the past 50 years. The skull was reportedly discovered in 1933 by Chinese workers building a bridge over the Songhua River in Harbin province. The skull, which was hidden in a well to avoid being grabbed by the Japanese, was discovered in 2018. The person hiding it told the grandson about it before his death.

Photo: National History Museum, London

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With the help of geochemical technology, Professor Qiang Jie of Geo University of China estimated that he must have 1.46 lakhs. It had many old and new features. It turned out to be similar to Homo sapiens. He is much taller than modern humans. Researchers believe it must have been a 50-year-old man with a broad nose. This person is considered to have a huge body, which will not be a problem in the area even in winter.

Using software, it was discovered that this skull belongs to a new category that is closer to modern humans than to Neanderthals. Chinese researchers consider it a separate species, but others disagree with it at the moment.

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