DreamHack Espaa and Miriadax (Telefnica) offer the possibility to train in esport

DreamHack Espaa and Miriadax (Telefnica) offer the possibility to train in esport

The companies have created a course which, divided into several deliveries, trains on different aspects of the game’s activity

BY RRHHDigital, 04:45 – 22 August 2021

Esport continues to grow from year to year and more and more professionals wish to orient or reorient their careers towards this sector. However, the game obeys its own rules and, above all, its audience, which is already estimated at 54 million viewers.

For this reason, to enter this world, it is necessary to know it first hand, to prepare for its peculiarities in order to take advantage of its opportunities.

With this premise, DreamHack Espaa and Miriadax (Telefnica) have created a course on esport and its ecosystem, with which they will share the experience of DreamHack in the esport sector with all professionals and students who wish to learn how it is. works.

The training will consist of a series of workshops, with the objective of bringing an upgrade and retraining in the various key areas of esport, relying on experienced members of the DreamHack team and via the Miriadax platform.

The first part, which will start on September 15, will be a specific workshop on esport marketing, its characteristics and particularities, as well as the opportunities to integrate player marketing into a long-term strategy.

The objective of these workshops is to allow professionals who wish to enter different areas of esport to obtain quality training. In this sense, users can register for one or more deliveries of the course, depending on their preferences and needs.

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