dress codes for the 21st century

Every season, fashion surprises us with new colors, fabrics, designs and textures that quickly become a trend. Since social networks and influencers are present in our daily life, the impact of new fashion trends is even greater. But what about the usual dress code in offices and businesses?

Although offices and businesses have been inhospitable spaces for innovation in fashion due to the rigidity of the dress code, with the 21st century dress codes have become more flexible and now entrepreneurs, executives, CEOs and others office workers enjoy greater freedom. clothes or shoes that they can wear while being dressed according to the position.

New dress codes for new business leaders

Nowadays, the management teams of companies orient their relations with the rest of the staff in a more egalitarian way and abandon the strict hierarchies that the old bosses had vis-à-vis their employees. From now on, an improvement in internal communication and a rapprochement with employees continue, and in this the dress code has had a great influence.

Gone are the years when it was strictly necessary for leaders to wear suits and cut impeccably, now new dress codes are approaching these new styles of leadership. Just take a look at casual shoe stores online such as 24hrs, a company committed to comfort, comfort and innovation in footwear, to discover the fashion that is successful today for office work.

The keys to the executive of the 21st century lie in the fashion style known as “business casual”. Office workers of all ranks are wowed by this style of dress in which from CEO to the lowest office clerk seems indistinguishable by the way they dress.

We are not mocking this commitment to lower the level of seriousness in dressing by continuing to bet on the traditional style of the suit and tie when necessary. This is not to defenestrate the tie, as it is an element that stylizes the man and is extremely elegant, but it is about restricting its use in events, meetings or situations of real seriousness and not in everyday life.

Business Casual as a trend in offices

Although “formal business”, the traditional dress code of a men’s suit and tie and a jacket with a women’s skirt, is still in effect in many companies, the truth is that more and more are opting for Business Casual.

This dress style is less full-bodied, more versatile and above all more comfortable. It is common among tech companies but also others who have assumed this style is valid. Businesses typically mark what can and cannot be worn, again in the wide variety of options that casual business allows.

The use of jackets, polo shirts, more informal shoes, jeans or cargo pants is very common in this style. Dress code relaxation isn’t about dressing stylish, so don’t wear clothes like shorts, flip-flops, sneakers, hats, or jackets that are too casual.

You need to know how to take the dress code relaxation glove and not go overboard with dress styles that are too informal or personal. It should be borne in mind that no matter how modern the office is, there are certain clothes or styles that should not be worn in a business meeting or just in the workplace where we interact with other colleagues. and / or customers.

Just take a look at the dress style of major international entrepreneurs like Elon Musk or Michael Zuckerberg to see what new business leaders look like and their dress style, less serious and closer to that used by their employees. These types of leaders are the inspiration at all levels of 21st century business creators, so more and more companies will loosen up their dress codes to adapt to the new times.

Now that you know that you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to go to work in style, maybe now is the perfect time to introduce some dress code relaxation in your business or business.

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