Drone at Indian Embassy in Islamabad Pakistan: Drone at Indian Embassy in Islamabad

The drone had entered the Indian embassy in Islamabad to spy. The ANI news agency made such a claim in one of its reports. Such an incident occurred for the first time that a drone was seen in an Indian mission inside Pakistan. After that, India clearly asked Pakistan to investigate the incident and ensure that such security breaches do not happen again in the future.

Trying to take a video?
ANI claims that the drone seen on the premises of the high commission came here with the intention of spying. It was also said in the report that the diplomat was trying to film the ongoing event here. Something was happening here when the drone was sighted in the June 26 incident. On the same day, explosives were dropped by drones at the Indian Air Force base in Jammu, India.

A drone seen over the Indian Embassy in Pakistan, is Imran spying on India?
pakistan inquiry request
In this regard, when Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi was asked about reports of drone sightings over the Indian High Commission in Pakistan, he said: “On June 26 of this year, a drone was sighted over the premises of the Indian High Commission in Islamabad. “was. The matter was officially raised with the government of Pakistan.

“We hope that (Pakistan) will investigate this incident and prevent such security breaches from recurring,” he said.

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