Drone attack: Chinese drones become new weapon for Pakistani terrorists, Indian intelligence agencies warn – Chinese drones become new threat to India, use of Pakistani terrorists as new weapon

Government-backed activists in Pakistan and ISI, the intelligence agency there, make heavy use of drones made in China. Thanks to them, weapons and drugs were not only smuggled across the Indian border. On the contrary, Pakistani terrorists are also preparing to use it as a weapon. Indian intelligence agencies also raised concerns over the drone a few days ago. Since then, DRDO has been working regularly on the development of anti-drone systems.

Terrorists buy modern technology drones
According to the Hindustan Times report, officials associated with the fight against terrorism in Delhi said terrorist groups and the ISI were using drones to smuggle weapons on a small scale. However, in recent times they have bought the modern version of the drone. These drones are capable of carrying large amounts of weapons at a time.

Smuggling weapons from the Punjab border
An official said it was not easy for terrorists to infiltrate the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir due to the high mountains and heavy snowfall. In such a situation, numerous reports indicate that terrorist organizations are smuggling weapons across the border into Punjab using drones. So that their terrorist incidents continue in the Kashmir Valley.

Khalistani seeks to profit from the peasant movement
The latest reports also reveal that Pakistani-based Khalistani groups are also seeking to take advantage of the peasant movement in Punjab. Thanks to this, they are trying to promote terrorism in Punjab again. Such reports have been repeatedly reported by state police to central and internal security agencies. Since August 12, in Punjab alone, a large amount of weapons have been recovered from four drones made in China.

Terrorist organizations can attack via drones
Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is looking for an alternative to cheap drones to allow terrorists to carry out small bombings. Recently, in many parts of the world, it was found that the drone attack caused heavy damage to the opposing camp. He was also seen during the recent war in Armenia in Azerbaijan.

BSF alert concerning a drone at the border
Rakesh Asthana, director general of the Border Security Force, had alluded to the challenge during the force’s founding day celebrations on Tuesday. On June 20, a drone with weapons and ammunition was killed by BSF in the Kathua sector of Jammu. The BSF said work was also underway to find technical solutions to counter drone infiltration at the western border.

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