Drones will carry passengers to South Korea

South Korea has found a high-tech cure for the traffic problem. The Korean government announced the Korean Urban Air Mobility (K-UAM) Roadmap in June 2020, and on November 24, a two-seater passenger drone made an inaugural flight over Seoul, Daegu and the Jeju Island.

Preparation for transporting people by drone

The drone services are to be commercialized between Korea 2023-2025 as part of the government plan. China-based EHang Holdings flew drone taxis to Korea and performed two-seater passenger drone flights of the EHang 216.

Road accident

EHang 216 is from Yeuido Island in Seoul and a densely populated area. The second flight was carried out in Daegu City, Suciong District, where 119 fire emergency kits and packages of AED equipment were delivered. The last flight was to Jeju Island where EHang 216 flew over the coast and introduced air tourism.

Visible use

In a statement, the company said, “The flight to Korea was completed after receiving the first SAC (Special Certificate of Airworthiness) which was issued by MOLIT for a passenger grade AAV. Three flights showed practical uses. of EHang’s UAM solution.

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