Drought in Pakistan Latest News: Pakistan Drought conditions could worsen, Pakistan Meteorological Department says: Drought and worsening warning in Pakistan

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Drought conditions may worsen in many parts of Pakistan: Pakistan Meteorological Department has issued warning for many areas including Balochistan, Pakistan is already facing severe economic and food crisis.
Pakistan is facing a severe economic crisis, now in most parts of the country drought conditions have arisen. Pakistan’s Meteorological Department has warned that drought conditions could worsen in Sindh and parts of Balochistan. For this reason, a water crisis can also arise for agriculture. Pakistanis are already grappling with rising prices for fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, the new crisis brought on by the drought has now added to the unrest.

Pakistan Meteorological Department issued alert
According to the Dawn newspaper, the Meteorological Department’s National Drought Monitoring Center issued an alert on Thursday. It shows that due to below normal rainfall from October 2020 to January 2021, drought conditions have arisen in the country. Districts in central and southern Balochistan face mild to moderate drought conditions. At the same time, the south-eastern part of Sindh is also vulnerable to drought. With regard to these areas, the meteorological service estimates that the drought conditions can worsen and can also have an impact on agriculture and animals.

Fruit and vegetable prices skyrocket
Vegetable prices are sky high in most provinces of Pakistan. The general public is already struggling with rising prices for eggs and other basic necessities. Meanwhile, the Imran Khan government is also planning to raise gasoline prices up to 16 rupees. Pakistan’s oil industry has previously predicted a gas shortage in the country.

Pakistan faces food grain shortage
Pakistan faces a shortage of food grains these days. Pakistan used to export onions to the world. Now he has to import it to reduce onion prices in his country. Imran Khan is constantly meeting with cabinet and officials to reduce the price of flour and sugar.

Inflation in Pakistan due to inflation, ginger reached Rs 1000 per kg
Record broken by the price of wheat
This year, the price of wheat in Pakistan broke the record. It reached the highest price in history at Rs 2,400 per 40 kg, or one kg for 60 rupees. With this, it appears that the government’s efforts to control inflation and ensure food security have failed. Last December, the situation in the country started to look very bad when the price of wheat reached Rs 2000 per 40 kg. This record was broken in October of this year.

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