Drugs, trafficking and girls … this beautiful face hid many crimes, learn the raw letter from Al Chapo’s wife – Joaquin Guzman El Chapo wife emma coronel aispuro glamor life biography and crimes

The wife of the dreaded drug mafia Joaquin Al Chapo Gujman of Mexico was arrested in the United States today. Since this arrest, only Al Chapo’s wife, Emma Coronel Aispurso, has been the subject of discussions. Emma Coronel, who was very beautiful to watch, supported her husband Al Chapo through every step of the crime. Not only that, it even goes so far that when El Chapo escaped from the US prison through the tunnel, he was also involved in it. It is alleged that Emma maintains an entire network of drug trafficking including cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana. Emma Coronel Aisapuro, 31, was arrested at Dales Airport near Washington DC.

Married to Mexican drug king Al Chapo in 2007

Former teenage beauty queen Emma Coronel Aisapuro of the United States married the dreaded drug mafia Joaquin Al Chapo Gujman of Mexico in 2007 after turning 18. At that time, El Chapo discussed the name not only in America and Mexico, but also in Brazil, Peru and Argentina. The two of them spend time together after the wedding. In 2012, Emma Coronel gave birth to twin daughters to Al Chapo in a California hospital. Emma kept the name of the father hidden in the birth certificates of these two daughters as the United States had placed a reward of over Rs 36 crore on Al Chapo’s head at that time. Emma feared that if she revealed her husband’s name, she too would be put in jail and the girls would be sent to a health center.

Managing Al Chapo’s Drug Business in the United States

Al Chapo’s wife has dual citizenship in the United States and Mexico. Emma, ​​arrested Monday at the American airport, will be brought before a court in the State of Columbia on Tuesday for trafficking and network treatment of cocaine, heroin and other narcotics. It is said that after Al Chapo went to jail, this is what drove his drug cartel. The Sinaloa Cartel was founded by Al Chapo to spread drug trafficking around the world. Thanks to this, he used to deliver medicine all over the world. After going to jail, several drug trafficking gangs made Emma Coronel their leader. From the year 2019, the US police were keeping an eye on Emma Coronel.

Launch of a clothing brand, also seen on a reality TV show

Emma Coronel’s name also made headlines due to her husband’s fame or, say, infamy. To capitalize on this, Emma Coronel also launched a clothing brand in 2019. Even Emma appeared on an American reality show about Mafia families. In this show, she describes herself as a normal woman, while behind her always runs an army of bodyguards. She wandered from one place of fame to another with a large Lav Lashkar and a convoy of VIP vehicles. This is why Emma Coronel is still very famous among Americans of Mexican descent.

Al Chapo loved girls

Drug lord Al Chapo was addicted to women and admitted it himself in an interview. When we asked Al Chapo what you love most … what are you addicted to … Al Chapo replied: “Nothing … I’m just a habit of women.” Al Chapo would have celebrated 4 weddings. Her first marriage dates back to 1977. In 2017, she married beauty queen Emma Coronel. Emma Coronel Aisapuro, 31, was arrested at Dallas Airport, near Washington DC, United States. El Chapo’s wife has been accused of conspiring to distribute various drugs, including cocaine and heroin. Coronel was also accused of helping her husband out of prison in 2015 on top of drug trafficking charges. El Chapo was being held in Mexico’s most closely guarded prison.

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