Dual FP, the opportunity for young people to get a job

Essity, a leading global company in hygiene products and solutions for the health and well-being of individuals, today reaffirmed its commitment to dual vocational training by joining the Alliance for Vocational Training double. This initiative confirms the importance of training for the company, as it bases a large part of its commercial success on the attraction and retention of the best talent and on the training of its employees. The formalization of membership of the Alliance was carried out through a virtual act during which the common development and promotion of dual vocational training as one of the main tools for promoting employability was highlighted. .

According to Miriam Guasch, operations manager at Essity Spain, “joining the Alliance for Double Vocational Training is a confirmation of the work carried out in recent years and makes it possible to give more visibility and prestige to this type of training”. For Clara Bassols, director of the Bertelsmann Foundation, “this membership represents a step forward in the implementation of a quality system for work-linked vocational training which is committed to the remuneration of apprentices. It is particularly relevant that multinationals like Essity, essential companies in these times of pandemic, clearly bet on the training of young people through this training method ”.

Essity is the promoter and pioneer of Dual FP in the territories where it operates and makes it a benchmark company. The incorporation and development of talents for the company’s three production centers follows the guidelines of the Young Talent Program (YTP), with initiatives in schools in Navarre and Catalonia. Created at the Valls plant in 2013, the YTP is available in different modalities, from vocational training to Bachelor. According to Pere Marc Franquet, responsible for continuous improvement, “the talent integration process has a single objective: to endow the organization with talented and multidisciplinary people and thus reach the milestone of creating effective work teams”

With the integration of 50% of Dual FP students into its structure, the impetus of Dual FP and YTP has made Essity a benchmark company both in Tierra Estella (Navarre) and in Tarragona and Alt Camp. According to Marc Rodríguez, director of the Allo plant, “the guys who have worked with us have a great capacity for learning, they understand the corporate culture very well and are a lever for change in the evolution of certain positions and working methods. “

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