Dubai Chetan Bhagat: India Must Learn From COVID-19 Crisis: Chetan Bhagat – India Must Learn From Covid 19 Crisis Chetan Bhagat

Prominent writer Chetan Bhagat said India must learn from the current crisis resulting from wild cases of the corona virus and improve its health system. Bhagat said at an event hosted by the Gulf Maharashtra Business Forum (GMBF) on Saturday that India was not taking vaccination seriously in 2020, as other countries have done.

He said: “India should learn lessons from this crisis, especially in the health care sector. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as we accept them. Bhagat said, “When Kovid-19 is over, we need a change.” We have all changed a lot. This change will happen in private, in business and in such a way that how and what we can learn as a country. Only one thing that is good for this crisis is to learn a lesson from it.

One of the speakers, Dr Sunil Manjrekar, president of GMBF Global, said his organization had helped around 20,000 people in Maharashtra during the outbreak. Dr Abdullah, Chairman of Bu Abdullah Group of Companies, said that we hope and pray that India will recover from this crisis soon.

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