Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Runs To Save His Friend In Water Viral Video

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Dubai Crown Prince video viral on social media The crown prince ran into the water to save his friend, people praised the video in the Dubai comments section
It is said that the one who works in hard times is the only true friend and some like friends are also the Crown Prince of Dubai who, seeing their friend in trouble, also runs in the water. Proof of this quality is a video that goes viral on social networks. In the video, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is seen running to the aid of a friend.

Friends of the crown prince who survived
In the video, Nasser Al Nedi can be seen getting ready for the water jet pack, in which people are taken 30 feet above the water using jets. After checking the safety standards, as soon as they jetpack, suddenly the atmosphere becomes serious and dangerous to laugh. Nasir loses control and crashes into the water and goes underwater.

The crown prince kisses his friend
Nasir has not been seen in the video for some time. Seeing this, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, himself an adventure lover, immediately rushes into the water to help his friend. He approaches Nasir, who then comes out of the water, and hugs him. The crown prince tells everyone that his friend is fine. The two are seen laughing at the end of the video.

Millions of people watched the video
The video posted to Instagram was captioned #CloseCall and tagged Neyadi, which was commented on by many with a laughing emoji. The video garnered over 125,000 views and over 19,000 likes in the three hours it was posted online.

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