Dubai Hindi News: Wives’ argument in Pakistan leads husbands to fight in Dubai prison

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A strange incident of a fight between two Pakistani citizens was revealed in court in Dubai, two Pakistanis working in the animal market clashed, due to which they had to go to jail. Their two wives are said to live in Pakistan and there was a fight between them Islamabad
A strange incident of a fight between two Pakistani citizens has been reported in a court in Dubai. Two Pakistanis working in the Dubai cattle market got into a fight and had to go to jail. It is said that the two women live in Pakistan and that there was a fight between them. This wives fight reached Dubai and their husbands clashed.

According to a court in Dubai, 60 Pakistani MH clashed with his Pakistani compatriot and assaulted him with a sledgehammer and a meat knife. Because of this, the victim became approximately 10 percent disabled. The accused MH stabbed the victim’s hand with a knife in April 2020. At the same time, another accused attacked the victim’s head with a sledgehammer.

The victim said that the two accused mistreated me before attacking. The root of this whole dispute was an argument between my wife and his wife in Pakistan. The victim’s brother was also in the same area and when he went to examine his brother he found him covered in blood. The victim’s brother said: ‘The accused attacked my brother. I was explaining the whole thing to him, but he also attacked me. According to the medical report, the victim’s hand was broken and there was also a head injury. The accused were convicted of assault. The verdict against him will be delivered on September 7.

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