dubai new temple photos: 75,000 square foot grand temple in dubai amazing images revealed – dubai grand new temple under construction opened by diwali next year see first look

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A temple built for Hindus in Dubai will be inaugurated by Diwali next year. Dubai
A temple for Hindus in Dubai will be inaugurated by Diwali next year. It was reported in the media. The foundation stone for this temple was laid during the outbreak of August last year. According to the Dubai Community Development Authority, the temple is being built near Guru Nanak Singh Durbar in the city’s Jebel Ali district, which is an extension of Sindhi Guru Durbar in Dubai.

Sindhi Guru Durbar Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples located here, which began in the 1950s. Speaking to Gulf News on Sunday, one of the temple’s administrators, Raju Shroff, said: “This temple is the mark of the open views and mentality of people in UAE and Dubai ”. He added: ‘This transformational journey from a former one-room temple to a 70,000 square foot temple and community center in the 1950s is not possible without the generosity and unobstructed view of the rulers of Dubai. and the unprecedented support of CDA, Dubai. It could have been done.

A magnificent temple of 11 deities under construction in Dubai

The temple spans an area of ​​75,000 square feet
According to the Khaleej Times report, this temple will house 11 Hindu deities. The report also stated that the temple structure was to be built on 25,000 square feet of land, while the entire complex would be spread over an area of ​​75,000 square feet. The structure will have two basements, a ground floor and a first floor.

The temple will also have a 4,000 square foot banquet hall that can accommodate approximately 775 people and a 1,000 square foot function hall for small ceremonies. The capacity of the people who will participate will be 100. The Hindu community expressed the great pleasure of the construction works of this great temple.

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