Dubai Princess Video: Missing Dubai Princess Latifa Video: Dubai Princess Video

The daughter of the powerful Dubai ruler, who was surprised by a boat as she tried to flee the country in 2018, is again seen in a new video released on Tuesday. In the video, Shehzadi says she doesn’t know if she will be able to survive with this condition. In the video published by the BBC, Sheikh Latifa Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum appears in a “prison villa”, presumably in the city of the United Arab Emirates.

His father, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is appointed Prime Minister and Vice President under the United Arab Emirates’ hereditary regime. Sheikh said in a video: “I am a hostage. This villa has been turned into a prison. They said, “I can’t even go out to get some fresh air.”

In 2018, with the help of a friend and a former French detective, Sheikh Latifah fled the boat. However, it was later recaptured from the coast of India. The BBC said Sheikh Latifa recorded the videos over the phone in the villa’s bathroom, which were secretly obtained around a year after he was arrested.

In the video, we see Cheikh Latifa saying: “I don’t know when I will be released and what the situation will be when I am released. Every day I am concerned for my safety and my life.

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