E-commerce, the great “ oasis ” of employment in 2021

After a year marked by the acceleration of the digital transformation of companies and unprecedented growth in the e-commerce sector, 2021 has been very attentive to the data and the expectations generated. All forecasts suggest that the e-commerce sector will be, along with others like logistics, IT security and e-learning, one of the sectors that will lead job creation in 2021. In fact, this is confirmed. by the latest study Made by PrestaShop Spain.

“2021 and the ‘new normal’ will continue to record annual growth of over 20% in the e-commerce sector. All of this will be driven by a consumer who in 2020 has learned to buy online in the face of the Covid situation and will continue to do it this year ”, underlines Jorge Gonzalez Marcos, Country Manager of PrestaShop Spain and responsible for the study.

70% of online stores plan to increase their budget by more than 20%

PrestaShop, leader in e-commerce with 300,000 stores worldwide and 60,000 in Spain, carried out a study on the forecasts and expectations of the sector in 2021. To do this, they conducted surveys of 50 Spanish online stores with a turnover of over millions of euros. The following conclusions were drawn from the study:

70% of online stores plan to increase their budget by more than 20%. Some of the fastest growing industries are pharmaceuticals and home accessories. In contrast, textiles are one of those with the lowest expectations. There will be an increase in investments in traffic generation with particular impact on SEO (50%), SEM (16%) and Affiliate (12%). In contrast, 22% say they will launch new products and 15% will boost their customer service by 15%. Only 12% of stores are increasing their levels of consumer promotions. Levels of profitability are starting to get complicated and businesses cannot continue with continuous promotions, so discounts are expected to be maintained or made less aggressive. Finally, and as one of the most important findings of this report, 85% of stores are integrating new staff into their workforce. This could mean that “e-commerce will be one of the oases of employment in 2021”, according to Jorge Gonzlez Marcos.

With these predictions, the need for manufacturers and distributors around the world to continue to adapt to change and provide customers with an increasingly personalized, omnichannel experience is clear. In this sense, online stores are presented as the best option to be able to grow as a business in the global market: “E-commerce can help you in an agile way to dispose of your stock, find new customers and to retain existing customers, ”he adds.

What global trends are expected in the e-commerce sector in 2021?

According to Alexandre Eruimy, CEO of PrestaShop Global: “In 2020, we have seen and participated in an acceleration of the digitalization of companies and generalized electronic commerce. The overall GMV of our traders was around 17,000 million euros at the end of 2019. Last month it reached 20,000 million euros, which represents an increase of 20%. We anticipate further acceleration and plan to do even better in 2021. By the end of the year, we expect our traders’ GMV to exceed 25,000 million euros ”.

“As you can see, the digital or e-commerce strategy has ceased to be something new to consolidate as something more and more normal. This strategy is based on three main pillars: customer knowledge and data, l ‘customer experience and customer trust. “, concludes Eruimy.

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