E-learning, the key to acquiring new knowledge and increasing your income

The pandemic caused by COVID-19 meant that in 2020, around one million 10 thousand 857 companies closed their doors permanently, according to data from INEGI; This led Mexicans to seek practical tools and alternatives to generate income, including adopting new skills that would allow them to start a new business.

In this new scenario, the change in routine, restrictions on physical contact, and the inability to continue education and training in person were some of the elements that made e-learning (virtual learning) relevant that digital platforms and distance learning have become allies and fundamental building blocks for people seeking to acquire new knowledge.

It’s part of the preamble that virtual learning has grown by more than 30% in the Hispanic market, according to figures from the e-Learning Association (AEFOL); In addition, it is expected that by 2026, on a global scale, this sector will reach a turnover of 375,000 million dollars, according to the latest studies from Global Market Insights.

In this context, institutes such as the Aprende Institute, an on-demand professional training online platform that adapts to the needs of each user, seeks to continue to expand its offer to reach more entrepreneurs, in order to to help them professionalize the way they acquire knowledge and contribute to the economic recovery of the continent, under the motto: Learn to undertake.

According to Martn Claure, CEO and founder of the platform, “Aprende Institute is the solution for all those people who are looking for business ideas or who already have a defined business but do not know where to start, since it is via a platform. . interactive remote mode that can manage the individual time that people can be trained in the subjects of gastronomy, fashion and beauty, emotional intelligence, personal care, business, trades and even entrepreneurship.

We offer tailor-made, efficient, professional and state-of-the-art alternatives. With the latest technologies. We not only provide our students with new skills, the best thing is that we teach them how to generate more income with the knowledge they acquire. Our methodology has been very successful, as 90% of our graduates say they have experienced an improvement in their lives and 56% have generated additional income, ”said Claure.

This e-learning platform focuses on the Spanish speaking markets of the United States, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico, in particular it is aimed at people who have neither the time nor the resources. to pursue a 4-year degree or take a face-to-face face-to-face course across town. “People can take their lessons with teachers who broadcast their lessons live, but they also have the option to watch the videos, as many times as they like, according to their schedules and formats, and they can ask for advice 24 hours a day. 24 and 7 days a week with the teachers. ” Added the manager.

Finally, Claure indicated that the fact that people have “more free time” and the need to acquire new knowledge triples the demand for the courses, leading the Aprende Institute to grow by 400% in just ten months, as well as the need. to expand its educational offer. This is why today the platform offers Diplomas, Technical Careers and Master Classes, in addition to mentioning that part of its objectives is to triple this 10% over the next twelve months.

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