EA Play games can now be preloaded from Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to access EA Play titles when it releases for the service on November 10. The same day the Xbox Series X launched and for which there are only six days left.

EA Play prepares for its arrival at Game Pass

Not long ago, Xbox and EA announced a partnership that would bring EA Play games to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. It was a lot that didn’t cost a penny more for current subscribers. The move only reinforced the argument that Xbox Game Pass was the best deal on games. That said, subscribers can now preload EA Play titles ahead of next week’s launch.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now preload EA Play games ready for launch next week. You can download all of the games, but they won’t be unlocked until November 10.

– Tom Warren (@tomwarren) November 3, 2020

The Verge’s Tom Warren tweeted that Game Pass subscribers can start downloading titles ahead of next week’s launch. You’ll be able to download the games, but they won’t be unlocked until November 10, the Xbox Series X release date | S.

We all know this generation of consoles doesn’t have that exclusive flagship title to really sell new consoles. On Xbox, it was supposed to be Halo Infinite, but it was delayed indefinitely. However, Xbox has done a fantastic job in making its console the starting point for those who want to choose a wide variety of games from the start. Xbox Game Pass already offers a fantastic range of third-party and proprietary titles, but now that EA Play has been added to the list, becoming a Game Pass subscriber is a logical decision.

However, from Microsoft, they know that selling consoles is only a fraction of the equation. Another key element will be Game Pass on PC or xCloud on smartphones and TVs in the future.

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