EAE Business School awarded the Positive Impact Rating 2021

Scoring is led by the students themselves and is based on their opinion of their business school’s commitment to sustainability.

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – June 23, 2021

The EAE Business School has been recognized by Positive Impact Rating 2021, a classification conducted by students themselves which is based on their opinion of their Business School’s commitment to sustainable development. In this second edition, students from 47 schools, located in 21 countries on four continents, participated. The Positive Impact Rating for Business Schools (PIR) clearly emphasizes the social impact of business schools on society.

PIR’s student survey consists of 20 questions across seven impact dimensions that fall into three areas: Energizing, Educating and Engaging. Energizing, which consists of two dimensions, Governance and Culture, which enables and encourages business schools to create a positive impact; Educate, which consists of three dimensions: programs, learning methods and student support, to prepare students to become future responsible leaders in business and society; and the Engage space, the institution as a model and public engagement.

“The student voice is probably the most critical actor for a business school, we not only help create healthy pressure, but we inspire and facilitate to accelerate change”, they explain from the rating which measures the impact of business schools. in society.

The Dean of EAE Business School, Josep Maria Altarriba, underlined that “the greater commitment that EAE acquires, to guarantee a more sustainable economic system with social impact, begins to be reflected in the analysis of third parties, as this is the case with Positive Impact. Our work and our involvement in this direction have no going back ”.

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