EAE Business School launches the STEM Master in Management


EAE Business School launches the STEM Master in Management

Combine the heart of an MBA with Big Data and Data Science

BY RRHHDigital, 2:45 p.m. – March 28, 2021

EAE Business School has launched for the next course the Master in Management STEM, a program that prepares a new generation of managers by combining the core of an MBA with a Business Analytics & Big Data module. The program covers the overall design of the company and the functioning of the organization, from a strategic vision and with the objective of developing critical thinking, with a technological specialization, integrating the latest trends in Data Science and Big Data, already implemented by leading companies.

The program offers case analysis and action-oriented learning methodologies to focus on the most important themes and trends shaping the global economy and thereby fostering sustainable development. A practical, dynamic and stimulating methodology with the aim of developing critical thinking, decision making and problem solving. This master’s degree allows you to build a transformative leader from the start of your career, with the academic structure of an MBA for profiles with little work experience.

The reality of business today demands professionals who are up to date on business and STEM trends. The specialization in Business Analytics & Big Data, combined with knowledge in Data Science, gives competitiveness in the labor market, offers a more analytical vision of the decisions and the strategy of the company. The program also helps establish a network of contacts from all parts of the world.

The Director of the Master is Irene Talavera, Doctor of Business Administration from Henley Business School (United Kingdom) and graduated in physics with a specialization in Applied Physics from the Autonomous University of Madrid. She has over 15 years of industry experience as a technology expert and manager with Fortune 500 companies, where she served as Global Director of Emerging Technologies for Roche, a global leader in biotechnology. .

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