EAE launches new specialties for its degrees in business administration and digital marketing and communication

EAE launches new specialties for its degrees in business administration and digital marketing and communication

EAE Business School is launching four specializations for its degrees in ADE, Marketing and Digital Communication and a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management in Data Visualization Management, Innovation Management, Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility and digital business management with the aim of orienting the professional profile of the students to the challenges and changes that are transforming the job market.

With the integration of data culture for business decision making, the Data Visualization Management specialization will enable EAE degree students to collect and interpret relevant data to reflect and draw conclusions on a plan. social, scientific and ethical. This itinerary will introduce you to the Machine Learning behind the Big Data revolution, based on real cases and using statistical programming tools.

The innovation management specialization, on the other hand, will develop skills in leadership and negotiation and in improving communication and creative problem solving. In this sense, it covers the management of change within existing companies, the integration of new trends and agile methodologies for innovation, leadership tools and models of organizational behavior, which will help to lead innovative projects at within departments and organizations.

This mention will focus on the specific issues of international companies such as research and identification of opportunities in foreign markets, logistics for international business expansion, intercultural business communication, sourcing, negotiation and the creation of global networks. .

In contrast, in a constantly changing world, businesses are acting as agents of change and consumers demand brands aligned with values ​​such as equality, sustainability and the fight against climate change. Thus, the Sustainable Development and Corporate Responsibility specialization prepares professionals to lead this transformation of the company towards a conscious and sustainable model. The specialization covers corporate ethics, sustainability in the business context and corporate responsibility.

Finally, with the digitization of many processes and businesses and the rise of different technologies and data collection tools, the Digital Business Management specialization of EAE degrees takes advantage of technology to create new value in business models, new customer experiences and the ability to manage data to support business goals for both 100% digital brands and traditional businesses that integrate technology systems.

“With the integration of these specializations, students can begin a more interest-driven itinerary that is in tune with the challenges and changes that are transforming today’s business, such as digitization, management of data, sustainability and innovation, ”emphasizes Samer Ajour, Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Programs at EAE Business School.

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