Earth core change: Earth’s magnetic field change

The inner layers of our earth are quite active, but in a recent study something strange was found in one of these layers. Scientists at the University of California have found that the Earth’s iron core extends on more than one side. This movement was found under the Banda Sea in Indonesia. This change occurs due to the formation of crystals from the molten iron but it occurs more on one side, and less, on the other, under Brazil.

Earth’s core is changing
Researchers believe this may be due to the Earth’s magnetic field. The Earth’s core is made up of iron with a liquid outer core followed by a rock mantle. The heat from the crystal forming the iron and the rock comes out and the cold material goes down. It creates a magnetic field. As the heat from the inner core moves from east to west, the outer core also moves east, but scientists are still unsure how this will affect the Earth’s magnetic field.

Growing South Atlantic Anomaly region
On the other hand, it was found earlier that the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening between South America and the South Atlantic Ocean. This area is called the South Atlantic Anomaly (ASA). Disturbingly, this region is expanding and moving west. It is believed that over the next five years it will have spread 10% more than in 2019.

decrease in magnetic field
In recent years, there has been a decrease in the magnetic field on the radar of experts. The strength of the magnetic field has decreased by 9% over the past 200 years. Meanwhile, there has recently been a significant reduction in the magnetic field over a large area between Africa and South America. Scientists have said that the change in the poles does not happen suddenly and it happens gradually. This change occurs every 250,000 years.

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Photo: NASA

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