Earth electricity human behavior: electromagnetic waves Schumann resonances have an impact on human behavior

Lightning in the sky has many consequences, but some scientists believe it also affects the behavior of humans. Lightning produces low frequency electromagnetic waves and it is believed that these are the cause of this effect. These waves are called Schumann resonance. According to the US space agency NASA, these waves are 60 miles above the lower ionosphere of the atmosphere, with the impact of thousands of storms every second.

What is the “ beating of the earth ”
The ionosphere is made up of charged particles that are different from neutral gas atoms due to solar radiation. The electrical conductivity produced by this produces these waves. These waves revolve around the earth in a beat. They are used to study the electrical environment and weather of the Earth. Their base frequency of 7.83 Hz has been described as the “beating of the earth”.

Effect of human brain waves?
Studies on these have shown that the frequency of these waves can be related to different brain waves. The researchers say that a relationship between these waves and human brain activity was observed in the 6 to 16 Hz band. In 2016, the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at Laurentian University of Canada found that 238 data presented similarities in the patterns of the human brain and the earth-ionospheric cavity in an experiment performed on 184 people over 3.5 years.

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