Earth Spinning: Kya Hoga Agar Dharti ghoomna band kar de: And if the earth stopped spinning

Our earth rotates on its axis every 23 hours 56 minutes and 4.1 seconds. For this reason, there is day on one part of the earth and night on the other. What if the earth stops turning? It will not only affect day and night, but the entire planet will be destroyed. There is no natural force that can do it, but according to James Gimbleman, a senior geologist who was with the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, it is a discussion hypothetical.

We do not feel the rotation of the earth, but the speed of this rotation at the equator is 1770 km / h while at the poles the speed of rotation becomes zero. Even if the earth comes to a stop, the air, water, and rocks on the equator will continue to rotate at the same speed due to angular momentum. Obviously, because of this, the surface will start to erode and things will first move upward into the atmosphere and then start to go into space.

Gimbalman told Live Science that a fundamental principle of physics is the conservation of angular momentum. If something is moving, then the same force must be applied in the opposite direction to stop it. However, Gimbalman says that not all will end with the non-rotation of the Earth. According to him, the pieces coming out of the surface of the earth will also start to rotate and then the gravity of the earth will pull them.

Isaac Newton’s theory says that moving objects will release energy that will heat them up. Like meteorites, the pieces that came out of the earth will start raining again in the form of fireballs. Because of this, the outer crust of the Earth will become like an ocean of molten rock. Gimbalman says the earth’s water will dry up in the process.

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What if the earth stops spinning?

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