Earth was covered with a global ocean three billion years ago, Harvard experts say

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The natural habitat of billions of organisms, our Earth was once covered by a global sea. This water was so bad that if Mount Everest were dumped into it, it would also drown there, according to the latest research from Harvard University, that today about 3 billion years ago, it was was like in Washington
The natural habitat of billions of our lives was once covered by a global ocean. There was only water everywhere. This water was so high that if Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, were placed there, it would drown too. The latest research from Howard University indicated that about 3 billion years ago, the sea covered the entire earth in its wake.

Scientists at Howard University studied the ancient crust of our planet and discovered that it was 4 times hotter due to radioactivity for a long time. Because of this, he couldn’t handle so much water. Research published in AGU stated that the initial hot layer of the earth had a lower water holding capacity than it does today.
Part of the earth is getting colder and colder and hotter in the Asia-Africa Pacific Ocean
“ The minerals gradually separated the old sea ”
Because of this, the excess water present in today’s crust came to the surface of the earth at that time and formed a huge sea. However, later the earth began to cool. and the minerals inside the crust gradually separated the old sea. For this reason, the present earth arose. Let me tell you that for a long time, this land was believed to be an “aquatic world”.

In 1995, a film of the same name was also made. This theory has long been the subject of discussion and investigation within the scientific community. This is why Howard’s scientists conducted the investigation underground so that the answer could be found. This layer is located between the very hot core of the Earth and the outer layer. This ancient layer is 1,800 miles thick and constitutes 84 percent of the total land mass. This layer was very hot billions of years ago due to radio acuity.

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