Earthquake under Dead Sea: Scientists warn of earthquake in Israel after Dead Sea drilling: signs of earthquake uncovered during Dead Sea drilling

Israeli scientists have found dangerous signals while drilling in the Dead Sea. They showed tensions on the fault line, raising fears of an earthquake in the years to come. These fault lines are created by shaking tectonic plates on the outer surface of the earth. This team from Tal Aviv University claims that hundreds of people can die if an earthquake occurs. However, it is not known when this earthquake will occur. (Photo: Tel Aviv University)

Tremor of a 6.5 magnitude earthquake

The team claims that an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale could occur here, causing the possibility of breaking fragile buildings and damaging solid buildings. Research has shown that earthquakes occur every 120 to 150 years, but it could happen within 10 years. The last 6.2 earthquake occurred in the Dead Sea in 1927, in which 500 people died and more than 700 were injured. Its impact has been observed in Jordan, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jaffa. The Dead Sea is located near the Syria-Africa rift.

How is this research going?

The researchers studied the Earth’s surface by drilling several hundred meters into the Dead Sea, to find out how many earthquakes have occurred in the past 2.2 million years. Each surface is one millimeter thick, and every year after flooding, sediment accumulates as water turns to steam in summer. These sediments mix together when an earthquake occurs, which shows when the earthquake happened. (Photo: Tel Aviv University)

An earthquake can happen at any time

The principal of the University’s Porter School of Environment and Earth Sciences, Schmuel Marco, said: “The geological history does not lie and a terrible earthquake is about to strike in Israel.” We cannot say when the low earth of our feet started to move, but I can say that in the years to come there will be an earthquake that will be hit by hundreds of people. He said he didn’t want to intimidate but that we are living in a period of tectonic activity. He said it’s possible that this earthquake will happen in the next 10 years or a few decades, but maybe next week too he should come and should be prepared for it.

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