Earth’s Orbit of Global Warming: Changing Earth’s Orbit Could Heat Up Earth’s Speed ​​Global Warming: Changing Earth’s Orbit Will Increase Global Warming

The temperature of the earth has not always been what it is today. Sometimes it had become a ball of ice and sometimes it was fire. About 56 million years ago, the period of the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum or PETM was one of the warmest periods on the planet. Interestingly, this period lasted for a very short time and during this time the temperature rose unusually.

During this time, the temperature was already high and it had risen by 5 degrees Celsius, this too in a few thousand years. Tropical conditions were far from the equator and there was no ice at the poles. Its impact on life was also terrible. The aquatic creatures began to boil in the hot water. Mammals also took advantage and diversified into it later, paving the way for the development of species like humans.

carbon raises the temperature
It is also important to know this PETM period because today the earth is facing the threat of global warming. What will be the consequences of this crisis, it can be learned from history. However, it is different that PETM did not start with the increase of carbon in the atmosphere. The increase in temperature was certainly accelerated because of the carbon. For this, scientists at the University of Hawaii and the University of Ultrek had blamed not only the Earth, but also astronomical factors.

change class
According to him, the change in the orbit of the Earth affects the climate. According to this, the orbit of the Earth is not perfect and it varies over time. When this change is larger, then its effect is visible on the climate because the radiation and hence the heat on the earth can increase even more as the orbit gets closer to the sun. It can also be seen in the history of the last 10 crores.

From this it can also be understood that when the loss of global warming is observed on the earth, how much destruction can be caused by adding a link like PETM to it.

Earth has cooled in 6,000 years, global warming has boiled in just 150 years

Boiling earth (symbolic photo)

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