Easter Attack Mastermind: Sri Lanka Church Attack Mastermind Islamic Extremist: Radical Religious Leader Invades Sri Lanka

A senior Sri Lankan minister said on Tuesday that the main conspirator of the 2019 Easter Day attacks had been identified and was a fundamentalist religious leader. He is currently in detention. 270 people including 11 Indians were killed in these attacks. The attacks were carried out by nine suicide bombers from the local Islamic extremist group Nationalist Touheed Jamaat (NTJ) associated with the terrorist organization ISIS, targeting three churches.

“Naufer Maulvi (of the Easter bombings) was the main conspirator,” Public Security Minister Sarath Veerashekhara told reporters here. He said 32 suspects have been charged with murder and conspiracy to murder. He said 75 other suspects are in custody.

The minister said there were a total of 211 suspects in pre-trial detention of whom 32 have been charged.

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