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Protein foods: – You can use some vegetarian foods to supply protein to the body. Getting plenty of protein from them will also keep your body healthy.

Due to the lack of protein in the body, many types of problems start. First of all, your immunity is low. This is accompanied by joint pain, weakness in the body, muscle aches, weakening of hair and nails, etc. That is why we need to give the body enough protein. Today we are going to tell you about that vegetarian super food. Using which you will get plenty of protein.

Putty is necessary to keep the body healthy-

Protein is very important to keep the body healthy. Due to the abundance of protein, the body gets energy to function better.
Protein is a very essential element for the body. Protein is essential for the body’s cells to function properly.

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Consume goji berries

Goji berries should be consumed to make up for the lack of protein in the body. It contains more than a dozen types of amino acids. Along with this, it contains enough vitamins. So it is very beneficial to consume it.

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Use Chia Seeds-

Chia seeds are a good alternative to address protein deficiency. Because it contains a lot of protein. According to the data, 100 grams of chia seeds contain about 17 grams of protein. It also does not cause hunger. Because of this it also keeps your weight under control.

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Eat beans-

Beans contain a lot of protein. You can use it in different ways. If you want, you can use it in soups, salads or even as a vegetable. In one cup of beans you get about 20 grams of putty.

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Eat nuts

You can consume different types of nuts like almonds, walnuts, peanuts, cashews etc. to supplement the protein. Soaking many of these things at night and consuming them in the morning is very beneficial.

Eat tofu

Tofu also gives you enough protein. About 100 grams of tofu gives you more than 25 grams of protein. You can use it in many ways.

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