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Do you remember the song Eat Me! Eat me ! We talked about picking mushrooms and therefore eating them! A very recent study confirmed the good idea of ​​eating mushrooms … for health! We’re talking about edible mushrooms that can be found in the market or in the forest! And no illegal mushrooms that are sold under lock and key!

This study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania says eating mushrooms is a great idea. It would even cut the risk of cancer in half! Whether from Paris, chanterelles, morels, porcini mushrooms or truffles, it doesn’t matter, mushrooms are good for your health! Explanations.

The study in question

This study is, in fact, a meta-analysis published in the journal Advances in Nutrition and conducted between 1966 and 2020. A study based on 17 cancer cases and the inverse relationship between mushroom consumption and cancer risk.

On the SouthMill site, we learn about the mushroom that it is considered a superfood! It’s rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. And some mushrooms like oyster mushrooms or shiitakes are even richer in ergothioneine, an amino acid that is said to reduce the risk of cancer. Consuming mushrooms every day, in whatever form, would reduce the risk of cancer by 45%.

Mushrooms, but not only!

However, consuming mushrooms daily would not be enough, it would also require a balanced diet. And daily physical activity! Eating mushrooms is obviously not enough to stay healthy!

Djibril M. Ba, a graduate student in epidemiology at Penn State College of Medicine and lead author of the article, said in a statement. “Replenishing the body with antioxidants can help protect against oxidative stress and reduce the risk of cancer. “

In particular, the consumption of mushrooms would have a stronger influence on the absence of breast cancer. However, John Richie, another author on the study, states that “future studies are needed to better understand the mechanisms involved and the specific cancers that may be affected”.

Healthy nutrition, essential for our health

At 20 we don’t always think about our health and although the mushroom is a superfood, it is not a miracle cure. Researchers studying the health effects of diet agree that lifelong food hygiene lowers the risk of cancer.

However, the results suggest that those who didn’t eat mushrooms ate fewer vegetables than the rest. As a general rule, those who eat little vegetables are more likely to develop cancer later. The researchers eventually state that these findings merit further research in favor of the fungus …

Mushrooms, superfoods

As the Santé magazine website tells us, the mushroom is the only plant that produces vitamin D … And this mushroom is a small explosive cocktail made from vitamins B2, B3, B5 …. Add iron, zinc, selenium, and copper and you have a food that will help you strengthen bones, keep skin healthy, and fight temporary depression! Studies have since confirmed its effectiveness against cancer: Eat mushrooms! A small omelette with chanterelles or a fried mushroom just sprinkled with garlic and parsley, how can you resist?

Two mushrooms a day! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Volodymyr Maksymchuk

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