Ebola virus Marburg Russia Weapon: “ Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to make Ebola and Marburg virus a weapon of disaster ” – Russia Putin FSB research to militarize Ebola Marburg virus for doomsday project

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British military experts have warned that Russia is turning the Ebola virus into a weapon of mass destruction. They said Unit 68240 of the Russian intelligence agency FSB was leading the entire program. Halandan is accused of giving poison
British military experts have warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin is using the deadly Ebola virus as a weapon of mass destruction as part of his biological weapons project. He said that Unit 68240 of FSB, the Russian intelligence agency, is carrying out this whole program, named Toledo. The same unit has been accused of poisoning Putin’s opponents.

According to the Mirror report, the Russian intelligence agency’s 68240 unit is believed to be researching Ebola and the more dangerous Marburg virus. These viruses spread a terrible epidemic and human organs stop functioning when they are infected. A large amount of blood begins to enter the body. A former British military intelligence officer is concerned that Russia has moved forward in the search for these viruses and is engaged in the manufacture of weapons under Project Toledo.

Let us tell you that Toledo is a city in Spain that was turned into a cremation ground when the plague spread. Not only that, Toledo is also the name of a city in Ohio, United States, which faced the devastation of influenza in 1918. According to investigators from Open Facto, an NGO, the department Russian Defense Force has an undercover unit called the Central Research Institute that searches for “rare and deadly” viruses.

“ Russia keeps Ebola and Marburg virus ”
The 48th Central Research Unit, located in Moscow, belongs to the 33rd Central Research Institute, which created the deadly nerve agent Novichok. Putin’s opponents have been accused of attacking with this deadly poison. According to the Open Facto report, the United States has banned the two Russian institutions from conducting research on biological weapons. The 48th research unit reportedly sent its data to FSB unit 68240 which runs the Toledo program.

“Laboratories in Russia and Britain are studying biological and chemical warfare to learn how to protect yourself from a poison like Novichok,” the Mirror said, citing a source. He said Russia has already shown that it openly uses the Novichok poison on the streets of Britain. “This means that Russia is studying the lethal potential of the Ebola and Marburg viruses as a weapon,” the source said. Marburg is a virus that kills 88% of those infected.

Putin pledged to make Ebola a weapon

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