Ebola virus outbreak in Africa: Ebola kills 5 people in Guinea, African Union deploys emergency team – Number of people killed in Ebola epidemic in Guinea has reached 5, African Union sends team emergency

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The toll of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea, an African country, has risen to 5. The government is trying to control the epidemic on the basis of war. The African Union announced that it would send its emergency team to Conakry
The toll of the Ebola epidemic in the African country of Guinea has risen to 5 and the government is making efforts to control the epidemic at war. Meanwhile, the African Union has said it will send its emergency response team. This is the first time that Ebola has been reported in Guinea since the Ebola epidemic in 2013 and 2016. During these two years, 11,300 people were killed in Guinea, Liberia and Sirelio in Guinea.

The Guinean health agency said the number of people who died from the Ebola virus has risen to 5. One person has been confirmed to be Ebola while 4 people are still among the potential victims. Two people tested positive for the Ebola virus while 10 others showed symptoms. The first case of Ebola in the region occurred in a nurse who died in January.
Ebola epidemic: 4 deaths from the deadly Ebola virus in Guinea, West African country, epidemic declared
Two of her brothers, involved in the last rites of this nurse, were also killed. After joining the last ceremony, these people started to vomit, have diarrhea and blood. Meanwhile, the African Union has announced that it will send an emergency team of experts to Guinea so that Ebola can be brought under control. Guinea has declared Ebola an epidemic in view of the threat.

Congo is troubled by Ebola
It all started with the villages of Central Africa, discovered in 1976. Since then, the virus has been reported several times. Her infection was highest in West Africa in 2014-2016, during which so many people died, not even the rest of the time. This virus has also spread slowly to other countries. According to the CDS, the death rate among those infected with Ebola was on average 50 percent. The Ebola virus was spread by touching oneself, eyes, nose, mute, but was less contagious than Kovid-19.

What are the symptoms of Ebola
When the Ebola virus enters the body, its symptoms begin to appear within two to 21 days. Until the virus develops in the person, it cannot spread from the affected person to another. Its first symptoms are:

-Muscle pain
-Neck pain and sore throat

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