Echenique says ‘assaulters of women’ and ‘sex offenders’ vote for right-wing parties

Posted: Wednesday March 24 2021 2:15 PM

United We Can spokesman in Congress, Pablo Echenique, suggested on Wednesday that “female abusers” and “sex offenders”, as well as so-called unintentionally single misogynists, vote for right-wing parties, making allusion to PP and Vox.

This was transferred in a comment on Twitter to criticize the “obsession” and “violence of the extreme right in politics and the media” with the women of United We Can, which denotes a “rancid machismo” but also a “ electoral strategy ”.

“Or which parties do you think the assailants of women, the sex offenders and the ‘incels’ vote for?” embarked on his note in the networks before the comments on the candidates who accompany Iglesias in his list of Podemos primaries for the electoral advance in Madrid.

Serra accuses the “sexist and fascist right”

Podemos state co-spokesperson and member of the list that Iglesias leads to the internal primaries of the purple party, Isa Serra, criticized that “once again the sexist and fascist right is attacking a feminist woman from Podemos who is in politics and taking a step forward. ”

“Political violence, lies, denigration and legitimization of gender-based violence against all. This 4M, machismo or freedom,” he added.

The Podemos leader, while not citing her, appears to be referring to comments in networks critical of political scientist Lilith Verstrynge.

Last Monday, PP MP Diego Movellán sparked controversy when he told Congress and Labor Minister Yolanda Díaz that at United We Can “women only rise through the ranks if they firmly hold a ponytail” , in allusion to Pablo Iglesias and comparing this formation “like the story of Rapunzel”.

His comments were qualified as macho by the minister and the parliamentarian withdrew them.

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